astute: adj. "perceptive, intelligent, insightful"

Consulting and knowledge-building services for value-chain companies seeking to capitalise from the growth of large-scale renewable energy.

Charley Rattan

Renewable energy trouble-shooter with over 20 years of energy and hands-on power project development experience.

John Massey

Market analyst and trainer with over 20 years experience helping businesses understand new technology markets, business plans and growth strategies.

Independent, Hype-free Business Advisory Services

Astute helps supply chain companies, technology innovators and investors to identify and secure new business opportunities.

We do so by providing advisory and analytical services or commissioned reports on:

Strategy and business planning;

Product positioning and market entry;

Stakeholder mapping and communications collateral;

Project and market risk identification;

Project development and planning.

Astute is particularly focused on providing responsive and cost-effective opportunities for small and medium-sized innovators to better navigate the energy landscape and meet the needs of their tier-1 target customers.

We also help investors and policymakers to navigate the often-confusing maze of information, opportunities and risks that exist in the emerging clean energy landscape.

In addition to advisory and consulting service, for those seeking time-effective, independent, hype-free and well-informed topic or market briefings, we can also deliver internal staff training, external stakeholder education or other small-group seminars and discussion sessions.

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chinwag: noun. "a long and pleasant conversation between friends"

Informal but informative - your guide to issues around the UK and global clean energy transition